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Mr. Ken Anderson: Board Member

Ken Anderson graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst with a Bachelor Degree in Economics. His senior thesis was entitled: The Development of Human Resources as a key to Economic Progress.

Mr. Anderson has always been a people person. His first job after graduating from St. Jago high school in Jamaica, was with the National Worker’s Union as a trade union organizer. There he received first-hand experience of seeing Jamaicans fighting for their rights to earn a decent living to support and educate their families, this ignited a passion for community involvement.

On his campus in Amherst Massachusetts, Mr. Anderson established an organization called “The Third World Resource Center” where students could research and connect with other common interest groups, graduate schools and international opportunities for internships, funding, and field experiences. Thousands of students have benefited for this initiative and the program continues until today.

Mr. Anderson is an avid soccer promoter and coach for the past 25 years with the City of West Palm Beach and in Palm Beach County. No other individual or organization has done more than Ken Anderson for youth soccer in our community. Considering the minimal injury’s zero impropriates and successful transitions into other sports: Mr. Anderson’s record stands unblemished. In the last ten years, Mr. Anderson received a community service award from the Martin Luther King coordinating committee, the Mary C Cole award from United Sports and Social Club where he subsequently served as president for two consecutive years.

In 2016 Ken Anderson celebrated 25 years as publisher of Market House International, “the house that was built by the word”.

Ken is a dedicated husband of (30 plus years) and an honorable school teacher, a loving father of 5 successful children and a grandfather of 7 inspiring grandchildren. FSO is pleased to have Ken as one of our Board of Directors.

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