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Miss Maureen Green
Maureen Green: FSO VP

Maureen Green is a Parts Expediter for Insight Global/GE Healthcare and also a Realtor with Atlantic Florida Properties, serving from Port St. Lucie to Broward.  As a Parts Expediter, she is responsible for ensuring that life support and crucial equipment and parts are sourced, facilitated and expedited to the Hospitals when required by Biomeds based in major Hospitals Nationwide.

In 2012 Maureen returned to Jamaica where she worked as Parish Manager for Jamaica Cultural Development Commission serving the Parish of Trelawny.  Jamaica Cultural Development Commission has been a custodian of the Jamaican cultural since 1963, its mandate being “To enhance national development through cultural practices by creating opportunities that unearth, develop, preserve and promote creative talents and expression of the Jamaican people.

In her role of Parish Manager, her responsibilities were ensuring that the mandate of the JCDC was met through community and school outreach programmes designed by the Commission.  All programmes for the Performing, Entertainment and Literary Arts, Civic functions and Independence celebrations for the parish were coordinated and executed by Miss Green along with a small staff of 2 and supported by its Parish Committee of Volunteers.

Maureen wears many hats, in addition to her roles and responsibilities in her current job, she is also a proud mother of two girls and also serves as Vice President for Free Spirit Outreach Inc. since September 2017.  Maureen attended Kingsway College in London where she earned a Diploma in Business and Finance.  She also attended Keiser University and gained her Associate Degree in Medical Science currently to complete her BSc in Interdisciplinary Studies also at Keiser University.

Maureen lives by the Mantra that “Life is not a Destination but a Journey” currently is journey is with Free Spirit a charity that continues to reach the unreachable, touch the untouchable and love the unloveable.

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