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BLACK GREEN AND GOLD “A Celebration of Culture to Support the Jamaican children of the Future.”

The night started out somber at first; the scattered ensemble of black, green and gold waited patiently for the night’s events which was sure to be a cultural celebration. The ‘black’ symbolism of avidity and creativity, the wealth and beauty of the ‘golden’ sunshine and the natural ‘green’ resources of a nation, were hanging from the walls and lining the tables. The lowered bar lighting and faint 1980’s Jamaican background music by DJ Kazzom created the perfect ambiance for this ‘crucible of Yaad’ to ensue, right there at the Caribbean Teeze Restaurant in Lake Worth Florida.

As the night progressed, the declaration of why Free Spirit Outreach Inc. decided upon such an occasion became a motivation for onlookers. After hearing that this 2018 fundraising event to gain support for our trip to the Daniel Town Primary Back to School Event and our annual health fair in Jamaica, people were even more motivated to support the cause.

Indulging in the gastronomic Jamaican finger food spread of: cocktail patties, run down, breadfruit, jerk wings and a lengthy list of delectable options to choose from; boogying to Pluto Shervington’s I Man Born Ya, some swaying hips-rocking from side to side while singing along with the familiar tune, others busy getting their White Rum mix, Bailey’s Rum Cream, bottle of Hennessey or Ciroc, or listening for their winning number for a trip for two to the Bahamas, did not avert the now enthusiastic crowd from making  their way to the contribution boxes that were at every other corner of the room.

With dawn now approaching, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that our Black, Green and Gold soiree was a success and certainly a wonderful experience and reminder of the importance of cultural retention in the Jamaican diaspora.

Yet, In the end, we are even more thrilled and thankful to everybody that have contributed and took the time out to celebrate with us. It is because of this contribution why a child will be blessed with what is needed to take them back to school in September and a general checkup of the wellness of parents and people in the surrounding areas can be done. We are certainly looking forward to next year’s events as we a sure will be even more spectacular!

T. Barnett.

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